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Developer Page (2018)



~ Version 2.5.1 Update ~

The update of PlayBacker for iOS series to version 2.5.1 is including below.

Improvement of WaveView

  • 'Drag Time Labels' were added on WaveView, which will appear when user drag the playback wiper. They indicates playback wiper position times.
  • Playback wiper changes own color while it is dragged for better visibility.
  • WaveView displayed area while it was expanded became larger than previous versions.

New Item 'Buffer Duration' added to preferences ( iPad ver. )

User can specify the buffer duration (= size) of each audio processing cycle.


Typically, the latency will be shorter when you set this to smaller size, and when you set larger size, the load of playback process and battery will be decreased.
You can set this property as you wish if you have problems around playbacking on some device ( for example 32 bit process devices etc… ) or need more quickly responsiveness against the user actions.

  • S:0.01 sec ; 512 frame
  • M:0.02sec ; 1024 frame(System Default)
  • L:0.05sec ; 2048 frame
  • Max:0.1sec ; 4096 frame

Bug Fixes

  • The Issue that the 'Controls Trigger' has not referred correctly at the time of application launch was solved.
  • Some part of thread process were optimized.



~ PlayBacker for iPhone has updated to version 2.5 ! ~


PlayBacker for iPhone has updated to ver 2.5 and become enable to add on the 'SamplePad' feature via In-App Purchase !


In-App Purchase products ( ver 2.5~ )

SamplePad 30 day trial

Free 30 days trial of SamplePad feature.

SamplePad feature Add-On

Add on SamplePad feature with 9 pads.

SamplePad num pads extension

Extend number of pad to 16.


Other Changes

- Optimizing to iOS 12.

- Add Tracks become available on CueList Mode View.

- Swipe row actions from leading direction of 'TARGET', 'NEXT' have been added to deck cue list and CueList Mode table.
With this change, the function of single tapping the row to set the track as next was discarded. ( iOS 11 and later only / double tap to set target track is still available )

- Track title editing become enable in CueList Mode - during editing mode. When user tap the text field displaying track title, keyboard will be appear on screen if the mode view is 'Editing'.



~ Version 2.5 Update of iPad version - getting the SamplePad !! ~


PlayBacker for iPad has been updated to version 2.5 and getting the SamplePad feature on Deck-B container. To make SamplePad appear, please tap samplePad button at navigation bar of Deck-B.


SamplePad feature of iOS version

- 9 /16 pad changeable

- Single Play / Multi Play changeable

- Pad Play Mode

The Play Mode of each pad is settable by Extra Control - Mode Change Button or in PadList Mode.

Mode Trigger #1 Trigger #2 Trigger #3 End of Track
SHOT Play from the beggining Play from the beggining Play from the beggining STOP
LOOP Play from the beggining STOP Play from the beggining Play from the beggining

- Extra Control Buttons

Make enable extra controls for each pad. To apply functions, tap the target pad 'During a specific button is touched'.

Mode Change Button Toggle Pad Play Mode. Shot / Loop.
Clear Pad Button Clear specified pad.
Fadeout Button Make specified playing pad fading out.

- PadList Mode

The gain control, Play mode change, arrangement and title edit for each pad are enable in the mode.

- Same file loading mechanizm as deck



Usability Improvements

- Add Tracks become available on CueList Mode View.

- Swipe row actions from leading direction of 'TARGET', 'NEXT' have been added to deck cue list and CueList Mode table.
With this change, the function of single tapping the row to set the track as next was discarded. ( iOS 11 and later only / double tap to set target track is still available )

- Track title editing become enable in CueList Mode - during editing mode. When user tap the text field displaying track title, keyboard will be appear on screen if the mode view is 'Editing'.

- CueManager ( in preferences ) was upgraded to enable load cue to each deck / samplePad.

- Waveform view on TrackEditor was improved faster.



Thank you for waiting and please enjoy new feature !!
I am just preparing the iPhone version too, sorry but please wait some more while if you are iPhone version user.

Thank you for always support ! I am always waiting for your responses !





~ Version 2.5.1 Maintenance Update ~


PlayBacker series updated to ver 2.5.1 with supporting latest macOS Mojave (10.14). Also including some bug fixes so we recommend update to all users.


macOS Mojave (10.14) Support

Optimized to latest OS then supporting the Dark Mode appearance.


Caution )

Currently we recognize the error on 10.14 that, dragging several rows of Table View caused to no responding but error log about drag image is output.
In PlayBacker series, the table view of 'TrackList' and 'Deck:CueList Mode' are applicable this case. Though this error doesn't seems not causes application crash in PlayBacker, there are some report of crash cases in other apps, so until the improvement of OS or any solution against this error found, we do below countermeasure.

The dragging of multiple rows of table view is disabled on macOS Mojave.

Apologize for inconvenience but please forgive it for safety operation of the apps.

This error not appear on previous OS, and the single row dragging is still available even though on 10.14.

Please regards.


Bug Fixes

  • Solved the issue of mismatch of tracks when the TrackList was reordered by drag & drop.
  • Solved the issue of ‘Number of decks at launch’ that the property didn't works correctly.

Improvements of interface

Font size or color of some interface parts are changed.


Added In-App Purchase Product ( lite version only )

The 'SamplePad: 7 days Trial' has added to AddOn window. It is available to try without cost the SamplePad feature of PlayBacker !



~ Supporting Status on iOS 12 ~


To all users

The latest version of PlayBacker for iOS series are compatible for new iOS 12 without big problems.

  • Almost no problems on file loading, track handling and playback operations.
  • Presenting and scrolling of waveform in Track Editor are delay to response against user actions. <- scheduled to optimize in next update.
  • Rare but there are cases that the application can't boot after OS update. Re-install the application will recover this, please try.

Currently I am developing a optimized (and might included new features) version, so please wait for a while.


Thanks for always support !




~ Version 2.5 Major Update ! ~


To all users

PlayBacker for Mac series are updated to version 2.5 with adding 'SamplePad' feature, and will supports users audio playback more flexibly !


New features of version 2.5


Added 2 banks / max 16 pads sampler, finally the empty spaces were filled :)
SamplePad is mounted at bottom of Player window and appear together with Fader Unit.

Each bank has its play mode of 'Multi' (Pads plays independently) and 'Single' (last triggered Pad only plays), and has volume fader too.

Each Pad Unit also has its play mode that 'Shot' (plays by each trigger) and 'Loop' (toggle play).

To load a track to Pad Unit, drag and drop an audio file to the pad or load from TrackList.

SamplePad has a function of storing snapshot of current state by 'Snapshot Browser'. It will be useful for making basic set used over several sequences.


#) PlayBacker lite users are available SamplePad feature with In-App Purchase ! Please access 'AddOn' window.
Application Menu > AddOn…


TrackList Document Window

With the addition of SamplePad feature, 'Pad List' part and some interface parts has added to window.

'All Load' button : all tracks including 'TrackList' part and 'PadList' part are loaded to Player.

'Load' button : only tracks at the part will be loaded.


End Cue Customize of Track

It has enable to set 'End Cue' of track ! End Cue works on 'Skip End' active decks or on SamplePad and editable in Track Editor part of TrackList window.

To edit End Cue in Track Editor, use preset buttons ( the last audible frame / end frame of file / at playback wiper position ) or ⌘+drag the Cue Wiper.

At the WaveView of decks, the marker of indicating End Cue position was added.


#) As default, End Cue will set at the last frame of audible part of a file.

#) 'Skip Tail' of previous version was changed to' Skip End' function, and will refer to this property of tracks.


Updated Keyboard Shortcut assigning

Keyboard shortcuts customizable in the preferences window was updated to enable using key combination. Modifier keys has available for control's keyboard shortcut. Delete keys also available if unnecessally.


#) Key combinations used by system or application preset are unavailable.


Additional Option for Track Title

In preferences window - general part, the option for naming track with audio file name was added. As default, the application names a generated track to metadata value of audio file if exists, and when this option was on, the title of track will fixed to audio file name.


Extra Counter Window ( full version only )

Specialized for indicating current playback status of decks. It might be useful the case for presenting the information to other sections.

Extra Counter Window


Please enjoy new version ! Thank you for your continued support !





~ Version 2.0.1 Maintenance Update ~


To All Users

PlayBacker for iOS series has been maintenance updated to version 2.0.1 for measures to the problems of 2018/01/13 posted report.
I strongly recommend this update to users of iOS11.x.


This update is including below.

■ A optimization of the file loading system at iOS11.x.

Measures were taken against problems that, 'Audio files existing at Local Storage doesn't appear', 'UserFiles Picker view doesn't appear' or 'Application hang up' when user choose `App Storage` from `Add Tracks` action menu.

■ Fixed a problem that the file move action on UserFiles Picker might caused to application crash.

■ Adjustments of some interface parts appearance.

The level indicator label of deck's volume fader and control switch labels on 4 inch device has been fixed to display with correct size.

■ Adjustments of some operation’s unbalance.

A problem was fixed that, when user add tracks to a deck of 'Repeat All Mode', the first track will be set as the 'Current' and also as the 'Next' too.

A problem was fixed that, in 'Track Editor', user editing for 'Track Title' etc will not be applyed if user tap 'Apply' button while the keyboard is displayed.


I apologize for the inconvenience to users who faced to trouble of file loading in previous version.
As same as this case, please tell me another problems if you have about application behavior, application performance and bugs.

Thank You.





~ Report : File Loading System Error ~


To All Users

I report problems occur around the file loading system of PlayBacker for iOS series with iOS11 updates.

Problems example on iOS11.2.2

  • Files existing at local storage may not be presented in user files picker view.
  • Application may hung up with tapping the menu of 'App Storage'.
  • Files and folders existing at iCloud Drive may not be presented in 'Browse' view.

There may be differences of case caused by your device types but currently 'Load from iTunes Library' is seemed to works well.

I am very sorry to trouble users. Currently I am investigating the cause of this problem and searching for work around. I will post again when I got more details.

Sorry but please wait a little.



Adding : 1/17)

As for the above problems, we noticed that an error occured on iOS11.x when acquiring the resource values of the application's `Documents` folder ( local storage of PlayBacker ). And the relationship among to a Files.app-Browse also seemed to have an problem of same reason.

I am scheduling to release a fixed version as soon as possible.



~ Version 2.1 Update Released ! ~


To All Users

Happy New Year ! I am happy to be able to announce update of PlayBacker and PlayBacker lite ! This time update contains many new useful features.There are several behavior differences with previous versions, please check details mentioned below.


New Features of version 2.1

■ Deck : Deck-Mode can present Cue List now.

The Deck become able to present its cue list even though the deck is on Deck-Mode ( default view of the deck ) !

User can open/close deck's cue list with newly added 'CueList Openner Button'.

Please note the 'CueList Openner Button' will be disappear when the Player Window goes to minimum size ( 'Cue Slider' will be appeard ).


■ Skip Tail Function was mounted.

Skip Tail ( Thank you good evaluation for iOS version ) was added for Mac version !

This feature will skip playback the silence part of track's end.

User can control this function with newly added 'SkipTail Switch' on the deck.


#The 'Remain Time Indicator' and 'Remain Time Alert' will refer to 'Tail Frame (The begining point of silence)' if this function is ON.


■ Auto Repeat 1 Track Function was mounted.

'1 track repeat' has been customizable now on TrackList !

The 'Repeat' property was added to 'Track' and it can control deck's repeat 1 mode. The mode of the deck will follows track's property automatically if this function is ON at preferences.


# Even when this function is ON, user can toggle 'Repeat 1' mode with the 'Repeat 1 Button', but the mode and button state will change at the timing of track change.


■ Cue Sentence Display Function was mounted.

The Deck can present any string as needed for production playback, for example a trigger line, timing of fading, and memo, on the aux info fileld !

The 'Cue Sentence' property was added to 'Track' and it is editable in TrackList.

The 'Aux Info Field' will display charactor string specified beforehand by user when this function is ON in preferences.


■ Gain Control Function was added(Full Version Only).

User can customize the output gain of each deck now !

There is a new 'Enable Gain Control' button at Output window of Preferences, and the 'Gain Stepper' adjusts the deck's output gains.

Via this feature, user can use full scale of every 'Volume Fader' regardless of the difference of external devices output gain.


Other Improvements

■ New 'Display Mode' menu item was added to 'Player Menu'. User can change display mode of all decks at once.


■ The 'Progress Indicator' was added to 'CueList Mode' and 'Time Counter Mode' of the deck.


■ The new 'Overall WaveView' was added to 'Track Editor'. User can know where part is presented on 'Main WaveView'.


■ Some small bug fixes and improvements for more higher usability was done.



Please try this update containing increased functionality !

Have a nice playback this year too !



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