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~ Maintenance update for all versions ~

Maintenance update has done for all version of PlayBacker series. Some improvements and specification change are included in this time update.


Mac Versions -> version 3.1.1

- Font size change feature for cuelist on Decks

A requested feature from many users has mounted in Preferences Panel. Users can customize the font size of cuelist on Decks and on CueList Mode for getting more visibility of cue. (10pt ~ 21pt)
The item 'CueList Font Size' and it's setting parts will be seen in Deck Setting part of Preferences.


- Several status became to be stored

  • Upper / Lower Decks flex state ( full version - 4 decks )
  • Fader Unit / SamplePad state
  • Last changed font size of TrackList Document

- Bug Fixes

Issues below was fixed in this version.

  • CueList could not follow target track when the row was invisible.
  • Some glich around interface.

iPad / iPhone Version -> version 3.1.3

- Behavior against the swipe gesture on equipments has changed

iPad - Portrait : DECK A ⇆ DECK B ⇆ SamplePad
iPad - Landscape : DECK A / DECK B ⇆ SamplePad
iPhone : DECK ( ⇆ SamplePad )

Transition among equipments became more speedy and easyly.


- Play Time indication on Deck's CueList is stored

even if the app had been terminated in background.



~ Update for obtaining brand new file type ~

Update to Version 3.1

Update to Version 3.1.2

We are very happy to announce the update of all PlayBacker series !

The all PlayBacker series got the feature for handling brand new file type 'PlayBacker File Package'. PlayBacker for Mac series can Read/Write the file type, and for iOS series can Open it.

FilePackage image

■ File Types

Track List Document

The default file type of mac version PlayBackers. That holds all tracks and informations.
Not compatible with iOS versions.

  • Available only on a single device natively because the tracks included have reference to audio file place on the device as URL.
  • Re assigning of references is needed when the file is open on another device / version.
  • The file size is small.
File Package Document

Similar to Track List Document, File Package Document has tracks and informations, and in addition holding actual audio files of referenced inside it.
Available by iOS versions too.

  • Referencing to audio files has been completed inside a document file ( actually a directory ), so it is available on other devices / OS to open the document file without reasign.
  • Please note to large file size. This file type needs one to one audio file at a track. User can use 'Convert Linear PCM to AAC' option at the time of generate.


User can generate File Package Document by exporting from Track List Document.
Go File Menu > Export…>File Package on Track List Document window of macOS versions, then select stored place.


Opening on iOS

The file can be open by Media Picker appeared with AddTracks(+)>Browse….
Or you also can open the file directly on Files.app.

Changes according to support new file type

Existing Track List Document might need to update with this time update. The migration would done automatically or informed by some dialogs.

The 'Export…' menu item in TrackList Menu, which exports a TSV document, has moved to 'File Menu'.


■ Other Changes

'LOAD' row action added on tables of Deck-CueList and CueList Mode.

'Active Indicator' was added on Player Window. Similar to 'MIDI Indicator', indicates whether Player (equips) can accept user actions like keyboard shortcut.

Bug Fixes

  • The issue of controls for a track assigned as current / next at the same time.
  • The issue of a TrackList exported by Player Menu > Export to TrackList… menu item, that the TrackList didn't set target deck of tracks correctlly.

Fixes : the issue of Cue Number indication, started from 0, has solved.

Please enjoy new versions across over platforms.
Thank you !


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