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Developer Page (2019)

■ 9/26 Version 2.5.5 update released

Including the optimization to iOS/iPadOS13

■ 7/30 Version 2.5.4 maintenance update details ( iPhone only )

■ 6/29 Version 2.5.3 update

SamplePad improvements
Volume Fader improvements etc

■ 1/12 Version 2.5.2 maintenance update

■ 10/8 Support status for macOS Catalina

■ 7/29 Version 2.5.3 update details

SamplePad - Display Time feature
Volume Fader - fader curve attaching etc

■ 4/20 Version 2.5.2 update details

Adopting 'Light Mode' etc


~ Support status for macOS Catalina ~

The latest version of PlayBacker for Mac series ( 2.5.3 ) work well on new macOS Catalina with no problems.

On macOS Catalina, all programs running by 32 bit are omitted. If you use external audio interfaces or MIDI controllers, we strongly recommend to check maker support of your devices to upgrade OS.

If you have some bugs, unexpected problems or inconveniences, please feel free to contact us whatever your OS is.
Thank you !


~ Version 2.5.5 update released ~

Including the optimization to iOS/iPadOS13 and adopting the Appearance Mode.

■ Appearance Mode

As a nature, PlayBacker series were built as Dark Mode application, so they got an 'Light Mode' with this time OS update.
User can choose appearance of PlayBacker from 'Follows System Setting' or 'Fixed to Dark Appearance'. The setting item is shown in in-app prefarence panel on iOS/iPadOS13 or later.

■ Improvements of loadings and file operations

- Fixed : The issue of 'Media Picker ( iTunes Library )' which unexpectedly multiple tracks were generated from single song selection.

- Changed : The track title is fixed to file name when the track was generated with file selection ( App Storage / Browse etc ). This avoid a confusion of operation from file name and file meta data difference.
Tips : Track title is editable on 'Cue List Mode' or 'Pad List Mode' view with tap the track title text field while the view is in the Edit Mode.

■ Caution of using on iPadOS13

With this time update, iPad becomes compatible with external storage like USB memory. Although users can load audio files from them directly but I highly recommend to copy files to Files.app > On my iPad > PlayBacker for iOS before use the file on PlayBacker for avoiding file operation trouble etc.


~ Version 2.5.4 maintenance update ~

Update for 'iPhone version' only.

This time update is fixing the bug of purchase processing that, customer who was purchased 'SamplePad 30 day trial' will become not be able to purchase 'SamplePad Add On' after the limit period of trial was gone.

I apologize for inconvenience, Please try again from this version.


~ Version 2.5.3 update details ~

Adopting 'SamplePad - Display Time feature', 'Volume Fader Curve attaching' etc in this time update.

■ 'Display Time feature' was added to SamplePad.

Each sample pad can indicates their track's time informations ( elapsed / remaining ). The feature can be toggled from 'SamplePad' menu > Displays Time.
Display Time - SamplePad

■ Volume Faders can be attached fader curve. ( full version )

User can choose type of fader curve in Preferences - General part. Each type has own control feel and there are differences of stroke especially under -10db.
Fader Curve

■ Bulk edit of tracks become available also in PadList.

'Bulk Info Editor' ( TrackList menu > Bulk Edit… ) can set same value to several selected tracks in TrackList Document Window. And user can use this editor also in PadList from this version.

■ New MIDI triggers were added. ( full version )

+ SamplePad - volume fader
+ SamplePad - All Stop

■ Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue of auto cue search feature that the setting in preferences didn’t referred correctly.


~ Version 2.5.3 update details ~

PlayBacker for iOS series were updated to version 2.5.3 including below mentioned improvements.

■ Fader Curve was attached to volume faders

The fader curve of similar to actual volume fader has attached to each volume fader of Deck and SamplePad. More detailed control for low level volume has been enabled with this update.
Fader defs

■ Improvements of SamplePad

■ Pads can indicate time informations

The time indication feature was added to all Sample Pad Button. They can indicate elapsed / remain time on them. Time display switch which toggle this function also added to SamplePad ( over 4 inch display only ).

■ TrackEditor has became available

Track Editor is available on SamplePad too through the 'PadList Mode' > swipe to left the row. User can customize track's start cue point with Track Editor.

At the same time on iPhone version, user can use Track Editor also on Deck if the SamplePad was activated.

■ Small change of interfaces and some bug fixes

Please enjoy new features. I always waiting for your suggestions. Thank you very much !


~ Version 2.5.2 update details ~

Updated version 2.5.2 of PlayBacker for Mac series are including many improvements and fine tunings for more usability that mentioned below.

■ Player

Light / Dark Mode appearance

As you know latest macOS Mojave is adopting the 'Dark Mode', but our PlayBacker series were developed as displaying with Dark as nature, because I thought they are used on dark booth. But I received some opinions that 'needs more visibility under the sun.', so the Player Window got 'Light Mode' and user become able to chose one.
On macOS 10.14 and later, user can make Player Window follows the system settings. Or can be fixed to Dark or Light on elder OS version too.

Bottom Cell (below part of Player Window)

The disclosure of 'Bottom Cell (collective)' and 'Sample Pad' are added. FaderUnit and SamplePad now can be opened/closed separately.
User becomes able to access necessary feature only.

'Export to TrackList' feature

New function added to Player Menu that user can export current Player state (tracks, pads) to TrackList ( new TrackList document ).

MIDI : become available in background

'Valid in background' option is added to Preferences/MIDI section.

■ Sample Pad

Pad Keys has become extendable horizontally

With the change of the Bottom Cell, the visibility of Pad title became gained more over.

■ Track List

'Add Pads' button added to PadList Area (when opened)

User can choose audio files via Open Panel as same as TrackList:AddTracks style. Generated tracks will be assigned to currently empty pad as order.

TrackEditor : Cue Marker Buttons updated

Become automatic enable/unenable itself referring to current cue points of the track. User can be easy to grasp cue points more than ever.

■ Bug Fixes

!! [ IMPORTANT ] Fixed : Preferences MIDI Part

There was a serious bug at the MIDI part of Preferences that, when user tried to assign MIDI note No.0~23 to some functions, the application be crashed. I apologize for this bug and inconvenience, this issue was solved in this time update.

!! [ IMPORTANT ] Drag and Drop of multiple rows was valid again

The error around Drag and Drop of multiple rows was resolved on macOS 10.14.x update, so I vaild this feature again. If your OS is Mojave, please update to latest version. On previous versions, there are no problem and limitation for this feature.


Please try our new version and new features !
Thank you for all time support !


~ Version 2.5.2 update details ~

PlayBacker for iOS series has updated to ver.2.5.2. This time maintenance update including below.

■ Resolved the issue that the app stopped playing whether or not the ‘Auto Pause’ settings when the app was not active.

The issue existed in version 2.5 ~ 2.5.1.

■ Resolved the issue that the app did not respond correctly against operations from ‘Control Center’.

The equipment of remote control acceptable is …
'DECK A' : iPad version
'DECK' : iPhone version

■ Some part of interface were improved better.


Thank you for always support.
Please have a good playback in 2019 too !!

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