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Developer Page (2017)




~ Updated to version 2.0.4 ~

PlayBacker for Mac series has been updated to version 2.0.4, which is optimized to macOS High Sierra (10.13).

  • Fixed : Indication of play button at launch.
  • Improvement : Audio rendering process.
  • Fixed : some issue of thread oparation.

*) Although it was rare case but there was an issue exists in the render callback processes which sometimes refer to temporary blank audio file under playbacking or track changing timings. And this issue could be cause to application unstable.

The measures against this problem has been done in this time update, and the app becomes more robust and safe.



~ PlayBacker for iOS series has updated to version 2 !! ~

PlayBacker for iOS series has been major updated, with many additions !

Common Additional Features

■ Wave View has been enabled for expanding !

Double tap on waveform make wave view expanding.

■ Control Area has been enabled for expanding !

Volume Fader stroke will be expanded more longer !

Extended Controls will be added !

■ Extended Controls

■ Skip Tail Function : skip silence of audio file's tail part !

■ Repeat All Function

■ Additional Function for file operations

`User Files Picker` got function of file move/copy between `Local Storage` and `iCloud Drive`.

Accessing this function is available from row action of file list.

Additional Features for iPad version

■ `Track Editor` was added

The `Track Editor` make user enabled customizing display informations, gain of tracks and cue of tracks !

Accessing this feature is available from `CueList Mode`>row action of cue list.

■ Extended Controls

■ Mono Summing function

■ Panning Control function

■ Enhancement of support for OS functions

■ Compatible for multi tasking : Split View

The app has available in 2/3, 1/3, 1/2 view in split view now.

■ Compatible for drag & drop ( iOS 11 ~ )

Accept audio files drop from etc
Rearranging of track in CueList
Track's copy from CueList to other deck's CueList

are availabled.

■ Compatible for Control Center(DECK A only)

Now Playing Info in control center will show status of DECK A.

Remote control is also available for DECK A.

■ Specification Change of File Managements

The way of audio file reference was changed from this version. Since previously PlayBacker for iOS series had copy the files to inside of app for load audio files existing at outside, but from this version, the app will open these files at the place directlly.

By this change, the app becomes available for use, without wasting capacity of device storage.



PlayBacker for iOS has acquired the more useful functions with the same interface and ease of use !
Please try our brand new version !


*) The required OS version has gained to iOS 10 and later from this version. If you use device with iOS 9 and earlier, version 1.1.8 is still available.



~ Maintenance updated to version 1.1.8 ~

Today PlayBacker for iOS series were maintenance updated to version 1.1.8. This time update will be the last update for supporting iOS 9 and earlier.
For Users of iOS 10 and later, please wait a while for major update version 2.0.


~ Supporting status to macOS High Sierra ~

for all users.

The supporting status of PlayBacker series to newest macOS High Sierra (10.13) is 'well available'. Though there are some glitch for interface parts, basic functions are working well with no problems.

■ 'Sound' in Menu Bar
On macOS High Sierra, the default output of sound has become changeable from OS Menu Bar.
This does not affect to 'PlayBacker' output settings. But 'PlayBacker lite's output is connected to system's default output directly, therefore modifying here will be affected immediatly. Please be carefull.


~ Supporting status to iOS 11 ~

for all users.

The latest version (1.1.7) of PlayBacker for iOS series are available on iOS 11 released today without big problems.

■ About File Loading Menu
Caused by specification change of operating system, ' iCloud ' menu in file loading menu was changed to ' Browse '.
Although ' Browse ' view of will shown when user select ' Browse ' menu, the operation and behavior after that will same as before.
If you had use third party file providers, they also be available through

■ added : 9/29
Current version of PlayBacker for iOS series are not compatible for…
・drag & drop function of iOS 11
・multi task : split view of iOS ( slide over is available )

I am scheduling to adopt these functions in next update. Please wait a while, thank you.


~ Updated to version 2.0.3 ~

To All Users

PlayBacker series has maintenance updated to version 2.0.3 today, included bugfix below.

・The issue of TrackList Document, which display an alert of "Tracks needs to be updated" even if it was not necessary.
・The issue of Player Menu, which has not shown at the application launch time.

Changed : Caution)
This time update includes a specification change that
Player Window has changed to be closable for conforming to apple's Human Interface Guideline.
Although it is available to reopen the Player Window with selecting Window Menu > Player, please be care at the production use because when the window is closed all playback control will be not available.


~ Updated to version 2.0.2 : Including serious bug fixes ! ~

To All Users

Today PlayBacker was maintenace updated to ver.2.0.2.
This update includes following bug fixes.

1) In previous versions, there was a case that "application becomes disable to be launched again if the application was illegal terminated ( for example sudden crash )".
This serious issue has been resolved in this time update.

2) Bug Fix : Memory leak in audio rendering processes.
3) Optimize : Waveform drawing process in track generating time.
… and some other bug fixes.

Especially because #1 issue has a possibility to make application unavailable, I strongly recomend all users to update.
I want to apoligize to users who had faced with this issue. I am very sorry.

# PlayBacker lite will be updated ASAP.
adding): PlayBacker lite is updated.



~ Updated to version 2.0.1 ~

To all users.

Today PlayBacker and PlayBacker lite were maintenance updated.
This update includes bug fixes of following issues.

• The issue of layout of deck's control buttons. ( -> 5/15 post )
• The issue of Save/Open TrackList documents. ( -> 5/17 post )
• The error of time display of tracks which has over 60min playtime.

I recommend all users to update the app, especially strong for new customers of PlayBacker lite ver.2.0.


~ Bug Report : Issue of documents save/open of PlayBacker lite 2.0 ~

To all PlayBacker lite users.

The serious bug has been found on our product "PlayBacker lite ver.2.0" that, the application may not been enabled to reopen saved documents.

This issue may occurs in following situations.

*) If you are new customer of PlayBacker lite ver.2.0.
*) If you install PlayBacker lite ver.2.0 on clean installed Mac.

The issue is not happen for "PlayBacker (full version) ver.2.0" or if you updated PlayBacker lite from ver.1.x.

Currently I stopped distribution of PlayBacker lite, and be in preparation for fixed version.I am very sorry for make inconvenience for new users. Please wait a while for the application updated.


~ Report : Issue of deck's layout in macOS 10.12.4 ~

On macOS 10.12.4, the issue of deck's layout has occurred that, deck's 'Control Buttons' can't be set on correct position of theirselves when user resized Player window.

This issue caused by error between "Actual position" and "Display position" of buttons, and user action of button click is available only against "Actual position". To workaround this for example, user have to go 'Full Screen' once and return to normal screen.

Currently I am throwing inquiry to Apple's Technical Support, and I will launch new fixed version as soon as countermeasure found.

I am very sorry for users inconvenience. Please wait a while.

I will report again about this issue on this page.

#) Adding Report 5/17
On macOS Sierra 10.12.5 which released today, the problem mentioned above seems be disappeared. Although still in verification, try OS update please. If you get trouble like above or other kind one, please contact me !


~ Maintenance updated to version 1.1.7 ~

Today 'PlayBacker for iOS' series are maintenance updated, and an issue mentioned below was resolved.

 In previous version there was an issue that, when user tries to load audio files of long playing time, the application had possibility to crash or busy. This problem was caused by memory shortage in waveform drawing process in generating 'Track'.

In this time update the issue above was solved by rebuild the 'Track' generating process, and the process self also became imploved more faster.

Recommend all users to update for more safety use of 'PlayBacker'.

Developer is keep on waiting for users suggestion, information of problems and bug reports! Please contact us without hesitation if you have some problems.


~ PlayBacker for Mac series has updated to version 2.0 !! ~

To All Users.
Thank you for waiting, "PlayBacker" series has major updated !!
Although required OS is increased to OSX El Capitan (10.11) or later for adopting newer architectures, PlayBacker has become more powerfull and its response has improved faster. Please try brand new version !
About new features and details, please see updated HP and User Manual.

# If you using OSX 10.9, 10.10, you can still download and use version 1.2.3 as before.
-> previous version page

= Attension to users using the previous version. =

Please be care of changes of this time update. Please see below carefully.

# TrackList needs to be updated.
The trackList document build by previous versions needs to be updated for use by new version, and once the document is saved after updated, the document will un able to be opened with previous version.

# Factory preset of shortcut key of playback controls has changed.
For world wide usability, factory preset of shortcut has changed to adopting QWERTY layout of keyboard.
For users can respond to this change, PlayBacker lite has become enable to edit playback controls shortcut keys.
Please set in preferences as you well.

# TrackList document is supported autosave.
The macOS features of "autosave" and "versions" make users free from save operations.
Apple : About Auto Save and Versions

 But if you have activating this features in system preferences, TrackList document behavior will be different from as before. For example 'Save document?' dialogue of edited TrackList will not be shown when you close it.

# Load To Player operation in searching.
If you are searching tracks in TrackList, 'Load To Player' button and 'Load to…' command of 'TrackList menu' will work only for currently displayed tracks.

Please try our new version and continue enjoy our applications in 2017 too. Thank you all !

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