'SamplePad' including version 2.5 !!

2019/10 Support status for macOS Catalina
2019/07 Version 2.5.3 Update !


'PlayBacker' - the multi track audio file player for macOS, is equipping 4 advanced decks and 2 bank / total 16 pads sampler, will flexibly and perfectly supports users audio playback works !


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  • Required OS : macOS El Capitan (10.11) or later / 64-bit processor
  • Audio Format
    • application : 48kHz / 32-bit floating point processing
    • audio files : supporting files of CoreAudio compliant without DRM protected
  • External Audio Interfaces
    • supporting CoreAudio compliant multi-output devices - multi channels are assignable to equipments as stereo output by odd / even pair

# There are restrictions on specifications and functions of 'PlayBacker lite'. Please see version differences.



  • 4 fully independent decks
  • 4 / 2 deck changeable
  • Volume fader for each deck
  • SamplePad (16 pads sampler)


  • Auto Pause
  • 1 / All track repeat
  • Skip End
  • Auto Fade Out
  • Cue List Display
  • Time Counter Display


  • 2 bank / 8 pads for each
  • Bank Play Mode ( Single / Multi )
  • Pad Play Mode ( Shot / Loop )
  • Volume fader for each banks
  • Snapshot storeable



  • Saving the sequence
  • Track's management and editing
  • Target Deck editing
  • Bulk loading of sequence to Player

Track Editor

  • Editing of Start Cue
  • Editing of End Cue


  • Output Device Setting
  • Output Gain Setting
  • Keyboard shortcut controls
  • MIDI controls
  • Extra Time Counter

Full Version Only Features
Add On Available via In-App Purchase


Auto Pause

Deck will pauses at the starting cue point of target track at the timing of track change.

Auto Cue Search

Set track’s' Start Cue Point' automatically with user preset threshold level when the track will be generated. 

Skip End

Deck will finishes playing when the playback reached the 'End Cue Point' of the Track.

Auto Fadeout ( AFO )

Deck will fadeout current track with preset seconds when the 'Go Next' action occure.

Auto Repeat 1

Change the state of the 'Repeat 1 Button' of deck automatically following the property of current track.

Cue Sentence Display

Displays an any character string on the 'AUX Info Field' of deck.

Version Difs

PlayBacker lite
Max Number of Deck
SamplePad : In-App Purchase
Auto Pause
Auto Cue Search
Skip End
Auto Fadeout : sec variable : sec fixed
Auto Repeat 1
Cue Sentence Display

Output Setting
× : default out
Keyboard Shortcut Control

MIDI Control
Extra Time Counter ×
Drag and Drop of Tracks
Drag and Drop of Audio Files : deck unavailable
Processing Format 48kHz 32Bit Float 44.1kHz 32Bit Float


Quick Guide


'Track' is the abstract model unit that handles audio sources. As same as tracks of CDs, 'Track' represents one song, and relate with a single audio file on storage.


'Track' tracks the place of own referencing audio file, and holds informations like title, cue points etc. Such informations are editable in 'TrackList'.


Player Window

Player Window Player Window is the Playback Information Center of the application containing 'Decks', 'FaderUnit' and 'SamplePad'.
  • Full Screen Compatible
  • Open / Closable Fader Unit ( volume fader for each deck )


Deck The main playback equipment of 'PlayBacker' owning higher features than standard audio players.
4 / 2 deck changeable in full version, and the lite version have 2 fixed decks.
  • Display Track Informations
  • Playback Controls
  • Display Cue List

→ ' Deck page '


samplePad 2 Bank / 16 Pad Sampler equipped on both side of the Fader Unit.
In Lite Version, it is possible to add on the fefature via In-App Purchase.

→ ' SamplePad page '

TrackList Window

TrackList TrackList Document Window manages tracks, these order, informations, deck to be loaded and cue points are all stored in a single file. In other word, this is a Cue List of the stage sequence itself.
  • Tracks Managements and Editing
  • Bulk Load to Player
  • Save the Sequence

Track Editor

Specialized part for editing the 'Cue Points' which owns independent playback functions and resizable waveform display.

Preferences Window

Stores the user setting of the application. The window will be presented over Player Window as a sheet.

Extra Counter Window ( full version only )

Extra Counter The special window for presenting elapsed time focused informations.
Compatible for full screen and the individual presentation of each deck.

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