version 3.0

Deck Details


Display Mode

deck mode

Deck Mode

The default mode of the deck that enables users access all of the control operations.

  • Dragable Playback Wiper on WaveView
  • Cue List display enable
cueList mode

CueList Mode

Displays all tracks at the deck.

  • Play / Pause Button
  • Current / Next track settable
  • Editing cue list ( rearrange, copy, paste, delete ) enable
timeCounter mode

TimeCounter Mode

Displays time informations only.


Auto Pause

Deck will pauses at the starting cue point of target track at the timing of track change.

Auto Cue Search

Set track’s' Start Cue Point' automatically with user preset threshold level when the track will be generated. 

Skip End

Deck will finishes playing when the playback reached the 'End Cue Point' of the Track.

Auto Fadeout ( AFO )

Deck will fadeout current track with preset seconds when the 'Go Next' action occure.

Auto Repeat 1

Change the state of the 'Repeat 1 Button' of deck automatically following the property of current track.

Cue Sentence Display

Displays an any character string on the 'AUX Info Field' of deck.


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