2019/09 Version 2.5.5 update released
Optimizing to iOS/iPadOS13

PlayBacker for iOS series are highly functional audio file player applications which has essential equipments for audio playback, like `Auto Pause`,`Auto Cue`,`Repeat` and more.

They can load audio files from anywhere on your device, like `Music Library`,`App Storage` and `iCloud Drive`.

From version 2.5, the 'SamplePad' = pad styled sampler has been availabled and they got more highly flexibility and useability for audio playbacking.


*) PlayBacker series are not support DRM protected files including Apple Music.

Main Features
Main Specs
Version Differences
Display Mode
Quick Guide

File Loading System


Main Features


  • Auto Pause
  • Auto Cue
  • Repeat ( 1 / All )
  • Skip Tail
  • Waveform View / Playback Wiper
  • CueList Table
  • Volume Fader
  • CueList Mode

iPad version Only

  • Track Editor ( Cue, Gain customizable )
  • Mono Summing
  • Panning
  • Crossfader ( including Auto Cross )


■ SamplePad

$) available via In-App Purchase for iPhone version

  • 9/16 pad changeable
  • Single / Multi Play Mode
  • Shot / Loop Play Mode
  • PadList Mode

■ File Loading

  • Loading from 'Music Library'
  • Loading from 'App Storage'
  • Loading from 'iCloud Drive / Files.app'
  • Drag and Drop available ( iOS 11 ~ )

Main Specs

  • Audio Processing Format : 44.1KHz 32bit floating point
  • Audio File Format : Complient for Core Audio without DRM protected
  • Multi Tasking Compatible ( iPad )
  • Remote Control Center Compatible ( iPad ver.→ Deck A only )
  • Required OS Version : iOS 10 and later
  • 64bit application


Version Differences



for iPad for iPhone
Deck 2 1
CueList Mode
Crossfader ×
Track Editor ( Cue, Gain customize ) ×
Auto Pause / Auto Cue
Repeat ( 1 / All )
Skip Tail
Volume Fader
Mono Summing ×
Panning ×
Auto Cue Threshold -48db / -36db -36db fixed
Output Gain -6db / 0db 0db fixed
SamplePad In-App Purchase

Display Mode ( iPad ver )

■ Landscape

Displays 2 deck and crossfader. This mode is default of this app and user can access all functions in this mode.

■ Portrait

Single deck is displayed in full screen. To move to other deck, tap > other deck button or swipe on screen.
User can detailed control with extended fader stroke, enlarged buttons and enlarged waveform under this mode.


Quick Guide

■ Track

Track is the minimum unit of PlayBacker for handling audio file.

A track holds indispensable informations for playback like `Title`,`Cue Point` and references URL for audio file. And Deck has and manages collection of tracks as own `CueList`.

A track will generated with specifying the place of audio file. → File Loading Section Page for more details.

■ Deck

The main interface of audio playback that makes enabled for more advanced features than standard audio playback equipments.


■ SamplePad

Pad style sampler selectable 3X3 or 4X4 layout.
Built in for iPad version. Purchaseable from 'In-App Purchase' for iPhone version.

-> SamplePad

■ X Fader Unit ( iPad ver )


X Fader ( Crossfader ) Unit is shown on landscape mode of iPad version.


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