File Loading System

The operation of PlayBacker for iOS series is began from creating tracks with specify audio files.
There are three main way for file loading of PlayBacker for iOS.

1st Action / iTunes Library / App Storage / Browse
Storages / Files

1st Action

There is (add tracks) button at Equipment's Navigation bar. With tap this button, the `Document Menu` will be appeared. User can select one from these menu to specify the place user want to load audio file from.

iTunes Library

OS built-in `Media Picker` will be appeared. User can load audio files (music) from device's Music Library.

Multiple selection possible

Album, Play List selection possible

*) PlayBacker series is not compatible with DRM-protected files for example Apple Music downloaded files.

App storage

App built-in `User Files Picker` will be appeared. User can load audio files from application specific storages. User also can file management of storages from this view.

- Local Storage -

Lists audio files and folders exists inside application.

- iCloud Drive -

Lists audio files and folders exists inside `PlayBacker for iOS` folder in `iCloud Drive`.
Files of not downloaded will be indicated by gray out.

File Managements

  • Row Actions ( swipe row to left )
    • Delete
    • Move / Copy
  • Long Press on Row -> download a file


Browse view of will be appeared. User can open audio files at outside of application sandbox. ( be displayed `iCloud` in previous iOS versions )

Single file selection possible

Not yet downloaded files will be downloaded first before be loaded.

Selected files will be open in place, not copied to local storage.


Also compatible to open 'PlayBacker File Package' type document on version 3.1.2 and later.


Local Storage

The local place for store user files existing inside application. Therefore if the app is removed from device, these files also be removed.
This storage is device/app specific, so not be synced with other devices and not effected by other device's file management.

  • Files synced from iTunes
  • Files synced from AirDrop
  • Files copied from>Copy to PlayBacker

will be stored in this place.

iCloud Storage

The cloud based storage which only be used by PlayBacker in `iCloud Drive`. Each iPad and iPhone version can use this storage and be synced each other including Mac of same account. The operation of files at one device will affects all devices.

To open files in this storage, user have to download the file to device first.


From version 11 and later of iOS, being bundled. is like a 'Finder' on iOS and it shows files on iOS device.

Browse > Locations

Storages mentioned above will be shown in 'iCloud Drive' and 'On My iPad (iPhone)'(= local storage) with the folder named 'PlayBacker for iOS'. Although user can manage files at there, but please be sure to be carefull cause the lost of files may affects PlayBacker's loaded tracks.

User can load audio files directly from there with …

  • Tap the file ( exists in PlayBacker for iOS folder : iOS12~)
  • Share > Open in PlayBacker ( Others / open in place )
  • Drag and Drop the file ( iPad only )

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